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Sometimes a tooth just has to go

At the office of Shore Family Dentistry, we care most about the health and happiness of our patients. Our skilled and experienced team works hard to make sure patients are comfortable and don’t have to worry about going to the dentist. Patients respect and trust our office because we always give them kind, personalized care that is gentle and precise.

Even though we do everything we can to keep your natural smile intact, we sometimes have to pull a tooth to protect your oral health and overall health.

common reasons for a tooth extraction

  • A “baby” or deciduous tooth that is over retained (reluctant to fall out), severely decayed, or damaged

  • A permanent tooth that has extensive decay and is deemed non-restorable

  • A permanent tooth that has been severely fractured or cracked and can not be restored

  • Advanced gum disease that has significantly compromised the tooth’s supporting tissues

  • Poorly positioned, impacted, or decayed wisdom teeth

  • Overcrowded teeth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every patient is different, and each situation is unique. But when a local anesthetic is used to numb a tooth and the tissues around it, you should only feel a little pressure, not pain, as the tooth is being pulled out of the gums and other tissues. When a patient is nervous or needs a surgical extraction, our office will talk to them about dental sedation options to help them feel more relaxed and less pain.