transform your smile

Building a new smile

At Shore Family Dentistry, we know that every smile is different, so we customize care to meet each person’s needs and expectations. Whether dental veneers or another cosmetic dental service is best for your smile, you can count on our office to give you the latest, most effective, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your smile.

Your veneers are made from the best dental-grade porcelain so that they look like natural, healthy tooth enamel. Because porcelain reflects light in a way that’s similar to how dental enamel does, veneers can make your smile look bright, perfect, and natural.

Phases of getting veneers


Getting dental veneers starts with a consultation and a thorough evaluation of your dental health, how your mouth works, and how your smile looks. We'll also talk about your smile goals and what you can expect from treatment. Even though getting veneers is a fairly quick process, you need to take care of any gum disease or cavities in the teeth involved before your new veneers are made.

Prep and impressions

Depending on the specifics of the case and the type of porcelain veneer, the amount of tooth preparation varies. However, very little tooth structure is usually taken away from the front and sides of the tooth. It's just the right amount of enamel to make the ultra-thin facing look natural and stay strong when it's put in place.

Fitting and placement

When your veneers are ready, it's time to check how they fit, how big they are, what color they are, and what shape they have. Before they are put on the teeth, any adjustments are made to make sure they fit perfectly and look good. At this point, we'll also make sure you're happy with how your new smile looks. Once the veneers are in place and look good, the teeth are cleaned and composite resin cement is used to bond them to the teeth permanently. After placement, any minor changes or adjustments that need to be made are made.

Developing ourselves for you

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As a trusted dentist in Columbia, we’ve established a reputation for excellence by providing the highest quality skilled and experienced state-of-the-art care.

Placing An Importance on Education

We have an extensive collection of articles written to educate you on procedures, techniques, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Porcelain veneers, which are also called porcelain laminates, and composite veneers are the two most common types of veneers. Even though porcelain veneers are the most common option, composite veneers that are made right on the tooth can also do a great job. You may also have heard of “no-prep veneer.” It refers to a type of porcelain veneer that doesn’t need much or any work on the tooth enamel underneath. At your consultation visit, we’ll talk about the best ways to take care of you.