What is Family Dentistry? 

Have you ever wondered what family dentistry is? It is pretty much exactly how it sounds – a dentist that can care for your entire family. 

That’s exactly what we do here at Shore Family Dentistry; we take care of you and your family. 

We want nothing more than for you and your loved ones to leave here not only with a clean, healthy smile, but also happy you came. 

Comprehensive Care for All Ages 

General dentists are not always family dentists. There are a lot of family dentists who have had some training in working with kids, but not as much as specialized pediatric dentists who do that. A family dentist is there to help you and your kids keep their teeth and gums healthy at any age. 

For the Kiddos 

Family dentists know that children have different dental needs than adults do. They know how to give them extra attention to make sure their oral hygiene needs are met. 

Family dentists have learned over time to look for changes in a child’s mouth at different stages of development. They also know how to be gentle and caring when they do dentistry. Among other things, Dr. Tagbo at Shore Family Dentistry wants to make sure that every time a child comes in for an appointment, it is a good time for both the child and their parents. 

Parents and Grandparents, too! 

We meet the needs of your whole family, no matter how many generations you have.  

Our office is equipped with equipment for people of all ages, and we even have wheelchair accessibility. 

If someone in your family is in need of: 

  • Crowns 
  • Implants 
  • Bridges 
  • Dentures 

…or they just want a dentist that cares about their experience, Shore Family Dentistry is the way to go. 

Expect Great Things from Your Family Dentist 

There are a lot of family dentists who specialize in oral hygiene and preventive dentistry. Orthodontics, oral surgery like dental implants and cosmetic dentistry are some of the other things some dental professionals can do.  

Here at Shore Family Dentistry, we strive to not only offer you comprehensive dental care, but also a visit to the dentist that you and your family actually look forward to. 

Here are the most common services we provide as a family dentist: 

Cleanings and Exams Every Six Months 

These cleanings are important because they let your dentist see how well you are brushing and flossing. They also let them see how your child’s mouth is clean. 

Fluoride Treatments and Dental Sealants 

Fluoride and dental sealants are good at preventing cavities, and they work together. They are used a lot in children who are at risk of getting cavities. 

Cavity Detection and Filling Placements  

Because cavities are the most common thing dental issue for kids, family dentists are trained to find and fill cavities with fillings. 

Shore Family Dentistry is Your Local Family Dentist 

If you need family dentistry, Shore Family Dentistry is the place to go. We think we are pretty good at it, and our patients say so too! Just check out these reviews!  

Doctor Tagbo and her staff have been taking care of Maryland families for years. Call us now to set up your next family dentistry appointment. 

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What is Family Dentistry? 

Have you ever wondered what family dentistry is? It is pretty much exactly how it sounds – a dentist that can care for your entire

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