Dental Bridges

bring out the best in your smile

Rebuilding a complete smile

Even though missing teeth can be bad for your dental and overall health, modern dentistry has effective ways to give you back a full, beautiful smile that works well and looks good.

Thanks to improvements in dental materials, technology, and treatment methods, it is now easier than ever to replace missing teeth and get results that look good and last long.

common types of dental bridges


For a traditional fixed bridge, the teeth on either side of the empty space need to be prepared and capped. The crowns on these teeth hold up the lab-made teeth, called "pontics," that fill in the gap. Similar to how a bridge that goes over water is held up by strong pillars at each end, a dental bridge gets its strength and stability from the crowned teeth at each end that are fused to one or more pontics.

A cantilever fixed bridge is similar to a traditional fixed bridge, but it is different in one important way. For support, only one side of the pontic will be connected to a crown.

Implant Supported

As the most advanced way to replace missing teeth, dental implants come the closest to looking, feeling, and working like a natural smile. Most of the time, implant-supported bridges are the best choice for care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your new bridge is made just for you based on how your smile looks. Before it is applied, the shade, occlusion, and all other parts of its fit are carefully checked. Not only is it made to look good with your smile, but it is also made to fit your bite and hold up to all kinds of oral functions. We take a lot of care to make sure that your new restoration looks good, fits well, and doesn’t hurt when you bite down.

A dental bridge is a good way to replace missing teeth and improve how your smile looks, feels, and works. Even though many dental insurance plans cover dental bridges and some help pay for implants, the benefits and amounts can vary a lot from one plan to the next. At the office of Shore Family Dentistry, we know how important it is for patients to be able to pay for their care, and we do everything we can to help them start treatment without any extra stress or waiting. We do our best to ensure your dental benefits are used effectively, and we also have a number of payment and financing options. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions about the cost of care, dental insurance, payment plans, or acceptable forms of payment.